This article by Bolter explains that our culture is aimed towards perfecting everything and in doing so using remediation. Remediation takes old media and multiplying it, in doing so this helps create newer media in the process. Mediation has been around for a very long time but has just been recreated or upgraded since then, according to Bolter. Remediation is, in a sense, gives an ongoing creative spark for new ideas for media in the future.

Old iPhone Original

New iPhone 5

He starts off by bringing up the movie Strange Days, a futuristic movie which characters use a machine called “the wire” to experience a “continuous, first-person-view shot” (Introduction: The Double Logic of Remediation page 4) as stated by Bolter. The movie led to an explanation of how our culture wants to reproduce the same media at the same time delete it so we can move in a positive and constructive direction. This also means, sometimes when companies or businesses introduce a new media technology it could just be the same thing with re-modifications or refashioned differently instead of inventing a whole brand new software or database. But Bolter explains that these add-ins are just as important as the actual technology itself like for example the Internet or the World Wide Web. This media was basically data files and texts but over the years the upgrades have led to marketing, advertising, scholarships, personal expression, business, etc.



Introduction. The Double Logic of Remediation. N.p.: MIT, n.d. Print.

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