Rhetoric on the Town: Contrast

Posted on Designing Mail by iPod ad


The purpose of this advertisement is to relate to people who love to listen to music and love to dance. There is an obvious silhouette of a person dancing while listening to an iPod indirectly stating that if you get the iPod then it would make you want to dance like that too. The audience would most likely be to teenagers and young adults who love to enjoy music and live a life filled with it. The advertisement is making it saying, “It’s only rock and roll, but we like it.” using rock and roll as a genre most youth can enjoy and saying “we” to make it seem like they are part of the audience they’re trying to advertise to. Contrast definitely plays a big role within this advertisement because it uses contrasting colors to make bold statements that appeal to the eyes of readers and force you to look at it. Rock and roll is loud and can be considered a bold genre which relates to the colors of the advertisements being bright and loud itself. Also, many young adults are attracted to strong bold colors as well that are seen in the iPod advertisement.

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