Rhetoric on the Town: Alignment

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This advertisement can relate to anybody in relationships or in a marriage. Being that the person with the black eye in this ad looks young they may be aiming for a younger audience around 16-21. That way people understand at a young age that domestic violence is wrong and as they grow up they will know that instead of discovering it too late. This image is telling people that if you are in an abusive relationship that it won’t just hurt your relationship with that significant other but other people like your family and friends as well as the victims family and friends too. I believe that this ad is using alignment of the words to focus readers eyes on the black eye it is surrounding. Doing this makes the viewer look directly at the black eye instead of anything else first. It places a significance around the eye and forces viewers to know that the black eye is the subject of this advertisement. The advertisement uses great alignment for the audience to clearly recognize the purpose of this image.

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